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DIVING with alizee dive @ new caledonia

2nd day and 3rd day: we went with the hotel recommendation: alizee diving

  • they pick you up at the hotel
  • their boat is modern, big and very stable
  • lifevests available and maximum occupancy on boats respected strictly (we were not able to go diving with alizee one day as they said they are fully booked, unlike amedee where it is “always free and available”)
  • they are extremely clean on the boat : spotless
  • clients are all japanese, very quiet
  • guides are divemaster, professional
  • max of 6 persons per divemaster
  • prices are cheaper, as it is only for half day trips, 2 dives
  • wreck diving was great, guide was very aware of the group




alizee second deck on boat: perfect for relaxing or taking in sunshine:


lot of space:



brave new divers: first ever intro dives in middle of the ocean, hang on by a cord.  They do the intro breathing at the surface interval time, between the 2 dives






after the trip: they have 2 separate area for rinsing: one with BLEACH for wet suits, one just water for cameras : first time that i have seen this. Everybody was religiously cleaning rinsing




my cameras: nikon1 and my 3d camera photo set up in the background:









3D photos of mantas ray underwater, new caledonia

here is a sample of manta ray in 3d!

click to download the mpo 3d files here

shot in new caledonia. The weather was good, but the water was very murky.

This demonstrate the difficulty of shooting in 3d, even in ambiant light with no flash. The water have to be perfectly clear, if not 3d camera will focus on everything, including the backscatters.

Normally in 2d shots, when the water is murky, you can try to come closer, or shoot macro. Not in 3d, and not with mantas! The water have to be perfectly clear.