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3D pictures raja ampat samples, and the 3 d differences with 2 d photos

What are the main differences shooting pictures still in 3 d compared to 2 d pictures underwater?

  • 3d is better when shooting on top of corals, giving a real view as if you are diving
  • 3d is better for corals and wide angles
  • 3d is harder for macros, not impossible, but harder to get proper alignment and axial focus.
  • 3d is great for school of fish : in 2 d photos, the school of fish looks boring, fish everywhere. But in 3d? wow! it pops out of the page. It has to be seen in 3d
  • background: in 2 d, photographers usually try to get black blackground, isolating the subject to get more pop. In 3d, you need to get the background in the picture, making the subject pop compared to the background.
  • Details: with 3d, the more details in the pictures the better. Photos in 3d of many depth variations, like school of fish, trees, leaves, corals, etc looks amazing in 3d.
  • composition: what ever you see in detail and in real life, looks good in 3d. The more realistic view you take when taking 3d photos, the better.
  • 3d photo underwater require more light than 2d photos
  • places like raja ampat, where there is a lot of wide angle shots opportunities, or lot of corals, are great for taking 3d photos.

Here are SOME free samples to demonstrate the difference in 2 d and 3 d (of course i keep all the juicy 3ds for private collection, like rare shots, nice shots, fish, flash used, macros etc..) i will release more later when i have more time.

look at the 3 d pictures with only one eye, or in 2 d version, then  compare the same details in 3d, you will then know what i mean.

3d pictures is the future of underwater photos and videos. I have also shot video underwater in 3. It is just so cool. Have you seen 3 d fluo diving? I will post it later.

3d pictures below are taken at misool, raja ampat, indonesia

pictures shot in 3d in ambiant light, or dive lights, no red filter:


how to view 3d? you need to download  all the mpo files, put in in usb stick, upload to playstation 3 or 4, or plug the usb stick into a 3d blue ray player, or directly into a 3d tv.

The 3 d blue ray player or tv should detect the format MPO file and play 3d accordingly, assuming you already have 3d tv and player set up, with proper cables ( 3d need hdmi 1.4 cables)

link to 3d intro


for PS3, and other sony blu ray (sony is weird that way, only files put in specific folders tree name, in order, that can be read by sony devices) you need to download the ps3 app from sony: playmemories studio.

Then put the MPO files in the usb stick in this order: (create DCIM folder, Create 123_RAJA subfolder)