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park hyatt sydney and SAKE restaurant sydney

here are some pictures of park hyatt sydney: (taken with sony tx30 small camera)

as usual, nothing to say here. stay was perfect. we checked in early at 9 am, and half an hour later, we got the room even if the normal check in time is 3pm.

while waiting for our room, and since sydney airport does not have an arrival lounge, we had to shower and exercise in the fitness room of the park hyatt.



cost: 22000 hyatt points, bought for around $300, compared to rates of $850 normally. We did not use our suite upgrades certificate (points stay cannot use upgrades certificate at hyatt hotels, unlike SPG hotels where you can get suites even staying on points, as long as you are SPG platinum)





this time we found SAKE restaurant in sydney: a few blocks from the hotel, in area called the ROCKS

it was really good, highly recommended. very busy. Their sushi style is more fusion, a little like hawaiian sushi. There are some other dishes that were quite good: tuna cerviche: tuna with lime, leaves in a bowl (very like ahi ahi tuna in hawaii)


like the taco sushi, with lime and leaves








Geranium restaurant

it is our second time in geranium. it was classified as 48 /50 best restaurant in the world, and in my opinion, it should be higher ranked than a lot of other restaurants we tried ( hello nahm ?, ledbury ?)

we arrived jet lag, and we forgot that the time difference with london is one hour ahead, so we actually booked the restaurant 45 min after landing, instead of 1hour 45 min as we previously thought!

it is a good thing copenhagen is efficient. but we were still 20 min late at the restaurant.

the restaurant was very efficient, meals were coming out according to your speed, which was perfect for us.

cuisine is molecular, modern

food was very inventive, tasty, most dishes combinations works very well together. The only dish that we found weird was the mussels and the sauce, it brought out too much “fishy-ness”

is it worth it? yes. definitely


NOMA restaurant

we finally were able to get reservation for noma.

they take reservations 1-2 months in advance, and they open their online schedule around 3am in the morning the first day of the month. Noma is always fully booked. You cannot book through the amex or private travel agent concierges. No special favors,  no special access, everybody have to book through the same channel at the same time.

We stayed up until 3am, only to find out that there are 200 people ahead of you to even be able to book. once it is our turn, then all the space are gone. :-(

luckily, we played around with the dates, going backward, and if you suddenly search backward, the availability opens up, especially if you are 4 !

we booked, went and enjoyed ourselves.

Some people that are meat lovers say that it is overpriced for a mostly vegetarian meal, but the quality, the innovation of the cooking is truly exceptional. The beets and how they cooked it was quite special…

remember to ask to meet the chef after if they have time. we spent a long time chatting with the chefs, taking pictures… It was a pleasure meeting and talking to rene.

below are some food pictures of noma, there are some missing pictures, as we were too busy eating.

TOKYO: westin tokyo, 3 michelin stars japanese restaurant KANDA, 3 star french restaurant joel robuchon

a special surprise: we got upgraded to a suite costing 3-6 times more than what we paid (from what we heard, normally this hotel does not upgrade guest that often, even if you are spg platinum)















kanda restaurant 3 star Michelin:

we booked a 3 star Michelin japanese restaurant through the hotel concierge (if you are a foreigner, all famous restaurants in Tokyo only let you book through hotel concierge ):

KANDA restaurant:

as with most Japanese restaurants, it is hard to find. the taxi from westin to kanda cost only 10 usd. the taxi driver will even open the door for you, cover you with his umbrella and walks you to the door ! now that is service!

located at the ground level, the front of the restaurant is a discrete wooden door, you have to slide it to the left. no English signs so you need to know it is there.

there is no menu, dishes come out depending on what you choose when you booked. there is a 100% cancellation fee , so if you book, you better show up. 3 prices : 150k yen, 200k yen, or 250k yen pp.

we came early at 17:30, so we are the only ones at the counter, it felt like our own private restaurant. The counter only sit 8-9 chairs. they do have another private room. The décor is minimal, but the food and service is what set this restaurant to true 3 stars. the chef speaks French as well.

let me tell you that every dish was perfectly  prepared. the sushi and sashimi freshly prepared in front of you. the shabu shabu has the best clam ever. the crispy fish scales, kobe wagyu beef perfectly prepared with a crispy skin etc… so many good dishes, and since we are not supposed to take pictures, I do not remember all the dishes .

the food was definitely excellent, better than some 3 stars restaurant in paris (p.s: the old le meurice). For the price and what you get as quantity and quality of the food, it is definitely excellent value.

3 star Michelin French restaurant joel robuchon tokyo:

it is a “chateau” restaurant, 2 level, looks like a French castle right in the middle of tokyo. located just across the street from the westin hotel: prices were reasonable, 40k to 90k yen pp (we paid 60k, 60usd pp plus service charges)

FOOD: although good well prepared, not as good as the original 2 star st – germain joel robuchon in paris., But the price is definitely cheaper than paris

the westin is visible on the left building behind le chateau


JOEL ROBUCHON food, taken with cell phone:










are you in Tokyo or in paris? so many French names and French bakeries:









when in Tokyo, you have to go to their department stores: their restaurants are cheap and good. Go to the basements: that is where all the famous snacks, cookies, and tea from across japan are sold.

and of course, when you are in Tokyo, you need to buy Japanese green tea, and their cookies: they are the best, nicely done without being too sweet:


PHO Tokyo style:


favorite “sushi” of my travel partner : korean style bibimbap rolled into sushi for 8 usd. good lunch meal.