flight to sorong, JE meridien hotel, MISOOL boat & resort. Diving @ raja ampat, indonesia


arrival at sorong



JE meridien hotel outside: really nothing special to write about… better forget the memories of the rooms, if you know what I mean… internet wifi will not work, so use the hot spot on your cell phone function. It is NOT part of spg hotels. It is not le meridien…



boat to misool: seemed older than the ones promoted in their websites… still comfy






Misool resort:






lots of storage space


outdoor shower: do not use anti bacterial products




fan is needed ! air con works only after hours, and normally, who need air con during the day anyway? open the doors to an overwater bungalow view!


pictures taken with sony tx 30

misool resort:

  • food: surprisingly very good and varied, they took care to cover the buffet food with lids and anti mosquitos food cover… unlike most diving resorts. an A+. spicy as we like it…
  • rooms: surprisingly well designed. some other guests complained ac is not strong enough, but for us it was fine
  • loved the big terrace, covered, with proper sun cover, while letting the breeze flow through
  • the wood that they used can cost a lot of money if imported in NA, very high quality wood (some same as Rolls Royce wood panelling)
  • Wifi: works very well in dive shop, ONLY if you get a proper working user name! because they use a router traffic management system, some user can do facetime (!) while some other cannot even get a single  web page. Facetime for satellite internet connection? that is impressive, if you can get the access
  • no cell phone coverage, bring sat phone.
  • it is nice to be able to walk to your room during surface intervals, between dives.
  • at misool: it is also nice that you get something to eat almost before and right away after each dives. because we ate more frequently, reducing our portions, and hence felt better and lost lot of weights after this trip.  six packs ? started to show after this trip. ( a big selling points to your other half: lose weights on vacation)
  • previously at some other Indonesia resort, we went a little hungry as we had to wait for the meals time, even if the food was plenty. we ended up gaining weights as we ate more, less frequently
  • diving: possibility of doing up to 4 dives per day. 1st day is just intro dive at house reef. All the dives sites are close by, usually only 5-15 minutes away. Only magic mountain dive site is 30 minutes further away.
  • nitrox did not work when we were there. Usually the dives are shallow, less than 20 meters. So with a big 15 l tank, it is plently for the whole one hour without nitrox.
  • visibility was great when we were there. The ocean surface was perfectly FLAT at that time.
  • There is one early breakfast, consisting of simple pastries, fruits, tea. Then another real breakfast after the first dive. For the breakfast, it is a la carte! Lunch is after the second dive, usually buffet. You order dinner , usually a la carte at lunch time.

misool pictures taken with sony a7:







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