DIVING @ new caledonia: amedee diving club

Fist day: we booked with dive trip with amedee diving: cost around 14k francs pp, expensive.

amedee is located 20 minutes away from the center of the city noumea. New caledonia is neat in a way that you can go to nice dive sites in less than 20 minutes away from downtown!

amedee is located on an island where they have the amedee light house. Supposedly, because of its location, it have been said “it is always sunny at amedee island”

the boat going there is on a zodiac: very bouncy. your behind REALLY hurts after the trip.

when we went, we were “only” 14 people on the boat. apparently the owner sometimes carries as much as 40-50 people on it small zodiac on weekends ! it is legit ? it is safe? We did not see any life vest on boards…

i am not sure how many divemasters they really have on board, but i am sure our guide was not qualified to sign our dive logs…

no nitrox available. they do introductory dives in the open ocea, (FIRST dive ever with scuba breathing right on the small zodiac)

  • it is quite convenient for a whole day dive, 2 dives trip and combine it with sight seeing trip to amedee island.
  • nice and convenient to have your surface interval on the island, for 2-3 hours! lots of time eating, and relaxing
  • they are the ONLY dive operation on the amedee island, monopoly
  • they have lot of hammocks, very comfortable to take a nap between dives
  • the food provided was good
  • equipments are in working order
  • staff were friendly,
  • mostly french speaking clients
  • you have to carry all your own equipments  to and from the boat (not used to this after diving in fancy places like maldives, wakatobi, fiji etc )
  • lots of beginners divers here.
  • 2nd dive: guide was slightly careless to dive and guide the whole group, including beginners, until air have only 20 bar left, trying to swim underwater to the boat, no safety stop done as he said we were “only” at 10 meters for the last 20 minutes

second day: we went with a japanse owned operation. Completely different atmosphere and operations

















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