NIKON 1 fast and completely silent continuous shots & 400fps video samples, australian open

the nikon 1 series are great for taking fast continuous and completely SILENT pictures of action scene: other cameras, including my A7 is too LOUD to take 15FPS. Even my canon 7d dslr is still too loud, too slow for those action scenes.

The shutter sound on my a7 is So LOUD that i cannot take pictures during play, especially when we are sitting so close to the court. I got stares from everyone first time i tried it. Sony A7 is supposed to me mirroless like nikon 1, but the shutter sounds is even louder than a DSLR

Taken with nikon 1 J3: 30-100mm, not photoshopped , full format: click on picture to see full resolution










ANOTHER advantage of nikon 1: it can take slow mo video in 400fps: sample video: click to view

slow mo video 400fps sample nikon 1

 nadal serve slow mo video


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