australia with sony a7 full frame test, australian tennis open

here are some pictures to show how the sony a7 mirrorless full frame looks like in australia:

click on the picture to get full resolution, taken hand held, no tripod








SYDNEY PARK HYATT HOTEL : 22000 hyatt points, cost around $300 for the hyatt oints, compared to normal rates of $850. 50 % savings.


melbourne tram


australian open: we were able to get confirmed guaranteed lower level seats for last week of the tournament, as we are australian open match members. We sat on the first row on the women final, 4rd row on man finals.  (side advantage: first dip at tickets, and since they are in so much demand…. Especially on secondary market.. )

there are 3 level of memberships. Game, set, and match. Each cost from $99 to $249 for the whole year. To pay $249 per year to have access to lower level seats? Worth it! (Especially like i said, the tickets are “popular and on demand”.

How to get match membership? you have to be lucky and hope someone on that list drop out. there is a long waiting list for thr match membership.


melbourne cathedral



park hyat melbourne from outside, view from cathedral:


our upgraded suite (for free as we used the confirmed upgrade certificates): booked the cheapest room, ended up having similar suite as stanislas wawrinka group.  I think for us, The best suite there have a fireplace, view of cathedral. It makes you feel as if you are home.






as a side perks with suites: (free): access to the lounge:  free breakfast, free drinks, free pre dinner snaks. A lot of tennis players and their entourage are seen here quite often. (Even if they are multi- millionaire).The staff at the lounge are very friendly, they remembered us even if we come back and stay there only once a year.




Australian open final: we met stanislas wawrinka at the park hyatt melbourne hotel the night before his historic final macth with nadal?!!

We were able to take pictures with him, his entourage took the pictures for us. Nice man, very skinny outside, very muscular as well. i wish him good luck, and he just lift his shoulders and just said thank you… as if he did not think the chances of winning are on his side, or luck is not part of it.


As it turns out, at the final match, talent played a major part, but a very small part of luck also came into play:  Nadal was slightly injured.

Wawrinka has a tattoo on his left forearm: ” Ever tried. Ever fail. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

They say the key to success is hard work and determination. But also, Success require failure, and also a little of luck.

What is luck? Luck is to be there at the right time, right moment, with the right preparation. Luck require preparation. Proper Preparation require previous learning, previous failures.




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