3D pictures diving underwater maldives, samples

here are some samples of 3 d underwater. taken at conrad maldives resort last year

Like i discussed earlier, 3 d technology is made for underwater, giving us a needed sense of depth, making all the details more visible. Everything seems to be floating in 3d.


how to view 3d? download the files, put in in usb stick, upload to playstation 3 or 4, or plug the usb stick into a 3d blue ray player, or 3d tv. It should detect the format MPO file and play 3d accordingly.


 link to 3d photos and videos intro page

for PS3, and other sony blu ray (sony is weird that way, only files put in specific folders name, in order can be read by sony devices) you need to download the ps3 app from sony: playmemories studio.

Then put the MPO files in the usb stick in this order: (create DCIM folder, Create 123_RAJA subfolder)


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