EVA air BR business class sfo-tpe-cgk

eva air business class, laurel class (the new bigger nicer business class seat) is quite nice, very roomy. excellent service.

the shower at Taipei biz lounge is  big, nicer and more functional than even swiss first class or Singapore airline private lounge first class !

lounge at sfo: very busy, small, only opens 3 hour before flight. So if you arrive at sfo before, you have to go to united biz class lounge at international terminal

remember to order plum wine.

and of course, at Taipei airport, you need to stock up on famous HIGH mountain oolong tea. Taiwan high mountain oolong tea are sweeter, more refined than any other oolong tea.

sfo airport:

DSC01321 DSC01323


lie flat seats


you see those s biner clips and Kathmandu case on the next pictures? they are so convenient, as you can easily clip and organize


DSC01325 DSC01331 DSC01336

shower at tapei eva lounge: you need a special key, hotel style, to activate the lights inside the shower room




toilet and shower inside the same room? perfect. not like other first or biz class lounge, where the toilet is somewhere else.



DSC01338 DSC01339

plum wine


Taipei eva lounge



DSC01341 DSC01342 DSC01343 DSC01344 DSC01345 DSC01346 DSC01347 DSC01348 DSC01349

business class TPE-CGK: non lie flat


DSC01351 DSC01358

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