presidential suite at sheraton hotel toronto airport

it is a layover airport: well located and in front of terminal3.

we normally never get any suites upgrades at this hotel, as 1. they do not have a lot of suites as it is mainly a layover airport, 2. we always check in too late

But for the first time, with some persistence, we finally get the suite upgrades, and not any suites, it is the “diplomatic” or their “presidential” suite.

It always make us smile when we see other VIP or corporate meetings down the hall, while we stay at the most exclusive suite for the cheapest price…

It is a very fancy layover.

the suite have a formal dining room:





and a formal living room:





and a kitchen:

20150205_174838 20150205_174832








2 bedrooms:

20150205_174932 20150205_174750








6 bottles water free as requested:20150205_174941


20150205_175024 20150205_174811 20150205_174756 20150205_175001 20150205_174951

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