i have officially joined the club of flooded owners ! And how to use nikon j4 on an older housing nikon wp-n2 !

I have officially joined the club of flooded camera while diving in mexico.

It is partially my fault, as i should have check and not let the camera sit in the rinse tank with other people’s camera too long. As they said, it flooded in the rinse tank is a very common phrase.

During the whole dive i did not see any problem, no leaking. When i got home, i saw the whole housing was filled with water!

The nikon j3 stopped working. After researching on the internet , i found out the nikon j4 is similar dimensions, 1-2 mm smaller. I bought it on sale and tried the fit of the nikon j4 in my old housing.

Initially it did not fit: the buttons would not work due to smaller nikon j4.

But with simple modifications with duct tape at support points, ALL the buttons and fucntions on nikon j4 work on the older nikon WP-N2 underwater housing ! yeah! upgrade for my nikon j !

What is surprising is that the old lens 10-30mm that was totally filled with water inside the housing is still working! with no fog or water inside the lens!

the WP-N2 only accept 10-30mm nikon 1 lenses. (NOT the new 10-30mm power zoom)








I cannot wait to try the nikon j4 underwater! Better resolution, better focus, faster speed, 20 frame per second shoothing etc !!

Why I still love my nikon j series for underwater?

  • super fast autofocus ! the fastest and most precise camera i have tried (compared to dslr  nikon, canon, sony)
  • the 1inch sensor and ISO capabilities are great ! no noise at 3200 fluo pictures!
  • nikon j3 and j4 are the ONLY camera in the world that can take a  FULL 18 meg resolution picture while filming video simultaneously ! The advantages are enormous: it allow shooting still and capture full resolution in extremely hard situations : low light (fluo), backscatters, bubbles in water etc (while chasing a whale shark) where the autofocus will not work well. Anytime where i run into trouble or do not have the time to change the settings, i just fire the video and press on the shutter at the same time. It allow me to take EASY pictures with very good results.
  • following luxemiles philosophy: nikon j series allow me to keep it simple and easy, the most lazy but efficient way possible: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

A few years ago, I was the first person to dive at the “frontier of fluo diving” at wakatobi resort, the first guest that bough their own night sea fluo lights and filters. If you have tried taking fluo pictures underwater, it is extremely hard to get proper focus. The Nikon J 3 and now J4 allow me to focus on the picture and composition instead of the problems of the environment or the camera.

In short, it is the idiot’s best camera underwater on the market. It can do anything easily (panoramic underwater), video, 20 frames per second etc… while keeping the quality of the pictures very close to a full frame DSLR nikon.


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