3d photo underwater of divers @ conrad maldives, nov 2014

EVEN more 3d photos underwater of divers that went end november 2014 @ conrad maldives

I have uploaded some pictures to show how some pcitures in 2d look very boring at first, but viewed in 3d? it just pop and reveal the depth perception of the underwater world. It makes you feel as if you are diving in your 3d TV


We dive in 3d, the fish swim around in 3d. Some fish even follow the inverted reef and swim parallel to the reef, even if they are actually swimming “upside down”. Then why not take pictures in 3D ?



  1.  you have to have 3d tv already set up: you are currently able to view 3d blue ray already
  2. download ALL the MPO files from the link above.
  3. put the files in a usb stick, (no bigger than 64g, as sony or some other devices may not recognize the bigger usb drive)
  4. put the MPO files in a folder example: maldives 2014

FOR Playstation 3 or 4:

  1. Plug the usb drive into playstation PS3
  2. power on the PS3
  3. use the joystick to browse to PHOTO category
  4. move the joystick to highlight your USB drive
  5. press the “triangle” button on ps3 when at the usb drive
  6. it will highlight the “display all”
  7. press “x” on ps3 control to select “display all”
  8. select your folder where you put the MPO files with “x”
  9. select the pictures MPO (PS3 will display a small sign 3d next to the pictures)
  10. once the picture display, press ” square” on the control to switch to 3d mode on the playstation

you can also download (COPY) all the folder into your playstation hard drive directly, then view and switch to 3d mode with the “square button”

FOR 3d tv or 3d blue ray:

  • you have to read your manual if it support reading mpo files directly from the usb drive.
  • most 3d tv and 3d blue ray player will support 3d MPO files, you just plug your usb drive into the 3dtv and follow your TV method to browse to the folder where you had the MPO 3d files.


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