How to “cook” / do laundry properly in hotel rooms

I will tell you my “secret” how to do laundry in hotel rooms, while making sure it is the same standard as a commercial laundry washer.

First, you need to buy the purex laundry sheets: they pack the same amount of concentrated laundry soap in a carry on friendly format. Do not bring powder soap or liquids, they are either too heavy, and they all tend to spill.

purex laundry sheets







Second, make sure the bathtub is clean and can be plugged so then water does not drain.

Third: use 1-2 sheets (3 maximum for extremely dirty clothes), put laundry in the tub, pour HOT water into the tub directly onto the puex sheets.

make sure it is HOT water, and of course you should only bring “travel” friendly clothes by now ( the ones  that are fast drying, wrinkle free, and can tolerate heat without shrinking)

stir the tub as if you are cooking ! for at least a few minutes, then repeat a few times during the next hour.

leave the clothes to “cook” for at least 30 min to 1 hour, while stir it

Fourth: drain the water

then rinse with clean warm water for 1-2 times by filling the water into the tub, and stir it while rinsing.

what is important is  : use proper laundry soap + heat + (stir )friction = same principles as your home or commercial laundry. You will be surprised how much dirt you can clean with this method. You can add the hotel’s perfumed soap and shampoo if you want it to smell a certain way.

How to dry? by now you should always travel with small packable dryer line. The advantage of drying clothes inside the room: you have an automatic humidifier (hotels rooms are always so dry, putting you more at risk of catching a cold because of the dry air)

The best way and cleanest way to dry the clothes is: under the SUN. It is extremely clean with the sun drying, as the UV will also sanitize your laundry. (even cleaner than your home dryers)

Unless you are extremely wealthy, can afford $10 per piece of clothing for the hotel to clean for you ( $200 per load), then it is just faster, simpler and CLEANER to do your own laundry (you really do not want them to touch or clean your laundry, as they will clean it with very low heat, and very quickly as they do not have time and do not want to ruin any guest’s clothes. Only bed sheets and towels etc that the hotels may clean properly and use bleach)

so next time, do not be surprised to see this in a fancy suite costing $1000 and up :





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