SYDNEY SQ Singapore first class lounge, hidden lounge 2015

we booked thai tg first class from SYD to BKK. but as a first class star alliance passenger, we have access to the SQ  lounge.

Normally, the staff will tell you that you have access to the new Zealand lounge NZ (which is older, noisier, not as good). We prefer to be outside than inside the old NZ lounge.

The sq first lounge is actually closer to the boarding gate that Thai normally use.

 At the check in desk of sq lounge, the lounge” dragon” ( verify and authorized access), checked our boarding pass and then … Just press a button. Suddenly, a hidden door right beside her slide to open up and she tell us to go into the SQ first class lounge. There were no sign, no mention ANYWHERE that it is a door or entrance to the SQ first class lounge. 

 the lounge is quite nice, good food, good d├ęcor, showers clean and big:


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