Tetsuyas restaurant Sydney, 2015

After many disappointing  and expensive experiences at supposedly top rated restaurants in Sydney before (especially quay’s) we were reluctant to book tetsuyas, especially since it is the same owner as waku ghin in Singapore.

however, the price is much cheaper than Singapore, with much better food. It was ranked as high as # 9 in the world restaurants.

décor: informal relaxing atmosphere (not snobbish), view of a Japanese garden

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the restaurant is located in a private mansion right in the heart of Sydney CBD.

You have to book with a credit card guarantee long before. Dinner is a set menu at $220 pp.

The waiter give you options regarding water : still, sparkling, bottle, or tap water… I love the option of free tap water ! expensive bottle water does not mean better taste or better quality control. There are actually a lot of people ordering simple tap water.. which surprised us.

The bread is actually excellent, warm, crunchy when it should be. soft where it is supposed to be. The taste of the bread here is even better than 3 star Michelin in paris (!), according to the unanimous consensus of luxemiles group.


Food: 9/10. very good. Raw ingredients and dishes are nicely prepared: you do not taste or smell any “fishiness”.  The main signature dish is very good:



other dishes:

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dessert are nothing special. this is one area where it could be exceptional instead of just  average



conclusion: is it worth the recommendation and price? YES, unanimous vote from luxemiles eaters






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