Flight TG first BKK-SYD 747, PRIVATE flight

once again, we were the ONLY ones booked for first class flight from bkk-syd, on the tg 747 airplane.

We had the whole first class cabin to play with, eat at one seat, sleep on another one. The thai crew always seemed to love serving us when we are the only ones in the first class cabin. I think maybe because we are not fuzzy or demanding: no alcohol (even with all the free dom perignom), no caviar for my travel partner. They always had to make sure to ask many times that we do not want caviar or champagne… Sometimes, we wish we can just randomly ask someone in the economy cabin to come and dine with us to enjoy the dom perignom and caviar (send me a PM next time !)

cost: part of the 140000 points usairways round the world australia trip

food: 8/10 surprisingly good. we normally do not expect much when flying on an older 747 airplane. Maybe the food was good because it depart from bkk airport, their main airport?

we also PRE-ORDER the lobster. You have the option of pre-ordering special food at least 48 hours prior the flight to get meals like lobster, thai set meals etc. ONLY for thai first class passengers. When the flight is not full, if you do not like the meal you pre-order, the crew have no problem cooking you the pre set meal in the menu.

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service: 10/10 exceptional crew this time. Before, the past few year, TG thai first was very variable, sometimes good, sometimes blah. So far this year (2015), the service on the first class thai was quite consistent across the airplane (747 to a380 flagship)

seat: even if older than their new a380 mini suites, I really like this seat (when it is private flight with no one else), as this seat is quite roomy width wise when you sleep. The IFE entertainment is older. There are 2 bathroom just for us.





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