TG thai business class MNL to BKK

We had only 40 minutes from the moment we enter the mnl airport to the flight’s departure time. 40 min to clear 1st secutirt for the bags, then check in, then pay the airport fee, then clear customs, then clear security again…

but we managed to catch the flight.

What was the reason why we were late: well the flight from Palawan ENI with ITI airline was delayed, then it took them forever to bring the luggage to the ITI private terminal (they bring it on a cart by hand).

Then we had to drive from the ITI private terminal to the international terminal. Even if on the map it is very close (2-3 kms), it still took us a good 30 minutes by PRIVATE BMW7 series that we prebooked with raffles hotel before.

Before, we were not too happy to learn that ITI had a bus services for only $30 usd, as we paid $100 for the BMW7 service.  (see iti air Palawan post). When we saw the traffic, and the fact that we actually made it to the airport on time, (as the ITI bus had to make many stops before going to the right international terminal), we were so glad we went with the private raffles hotel transfer service !!

It is still amazing that we were able to check in 30 min before departure, clear customs, 2x security etc in any airport. (even if we had 40 min from the time we enter the doors of the airport) we wasted 10 min at the first security check, as they did not know what to do with all our dive gear.

at manila airport, TG waiting and departure area have a DISTINCT separate waiting area and seats for priority customers (first time we saw this anywhere in the world). Normally, the departure area only have a separate line for priority boarding, not a completely separate seating area as well.

The flight TG is 3 hour mnl-bkk, on an business recliner, non lie flat.

seats: 7/10 considering short flight, recliners style. nothing special to take pictures off.

food: 6/10. not as good as SQf Fisrt class sin-mnl, not as good as a380 F TG

entertainment: 5/10 was on an older system

REMEMBER that even if thai FA do not distribute fast track pass anymore for customs, as a Thai aiways business or first class passenger, you have access to the “hidden” premium line to clear customs. There is NO clear signs at the BKK airport, just follow the premium and APEC / diplomatic line. If a staff stop you before, just show them the business boarding pass. ONLY when you made it to the officers, that there is a small sign that say thai business and first class premium customs line.

We saw a lot of business class TG passengers unaware of the premium line…

Thai air menu:

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