Singapore first class SIN to MNL

We took Singapore 77w flight from Sin to mnl. Cost: 37000 points. (cash cost: 37000 x 0.015 usd): flying first class and cheaper than paying directly cash for economy seats.

it depart at terminal2, so no access to the private lounge SQ first. We did have access to the SQ first lounge in the morning. As usual, the food selection in the lounge is very good, fresh noodles, food serves on Givenchy plates etc..

The flights is only 3 hour from sin to manila Philippine. Even on a short flight, we had the full Singapore first class services: hot towels, full meals, even had time for s quick sleep on the bed.

ThereĀ are only 8 First seats on that flight. SIN-MNL sq first is the easiest way and cheapest way to experience SQ first. The availability of award is wide open, and you still have access to the first class dedicated check in, lounges at Singapore. We booked this flight relatively late, and were still able to get first class seats awards.

FOOD: 9/10 SQ f is usually always very good.

Service: 10/10: Sq F is always quite consistent, service without being too intrusive, fast while being discreet.

Seat: while very wide, the seat is not my favorite when watching a movie: it does not offer good support for the legs when in recline position.

TV: it used to be that sq F tv are the best, but with newer tv with better contrast, the old 77w tv are now look outdated compared to other airlines (even compared to air canada business class).

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2 thoughts on “Singapore first class SIN to MNL”

  1. Hi! I will be trying out the Business Class of the 77w MNL-SIN then First Class SIN-MNL

    Just a few questions:
    1. How is the hard product of the 77w? Are they the new business class seats, or the old 1-2-1 config?

    2. I was trying to book through Singapore Air site and it seems the pricing is different – Business one way is just 17,000 miles and USD12 (no surcharge) and similar with First at 25,500 miles, both with the 15% off on miles. Wondering how you came up with the – Cost: 37000 points. (cash cost: 37000 x 0.015 usd) pricing?

    3. Sad that first class SIN-MNL will not have access to the Private Room in T3, I was looking forward to that. Is the T2 First Class lounge any better than the T2 Business Lounge as I have tried this one already.

    4. This will be my first time to try First Class, and tried to see your pics for the menu. Did they serve you cheese plate?


    1. hello

      1. the first class sin – mnl is quite good, even on their old 77w. the seats are very wide. it is the old 1-2-1 config

      2. you can book with multiple miles currencies: as long as it is star alliance. for US, it is cheaper to buy miles through lifemiles and book, as SQ points is harder for us to get. If you can get Sq miles through amex transfer in USA, or in singapore, then it is cheaper for you to trasnfer from amex to sq then book.

      3. SQ f sin-mnl depart from t2, so no private room (only in T3). Private room is nothing more special, i prefer the noodles at sq f lounge. If you plan to stay a long time in the lounge, then private room is better, but you have to take the train to go to t3

      4. yes they have cheese plate. we did not order cheese, just fruits


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