pangulasian resort, palawan philippine

part of the el nido resorts in palawan.

pangulasian resort is the only resort in el nido that have a long stretch of white sand beach.

For around $600 usd per night, you get the closest front beach villa that i have ever stayed in. You actually felt like if you are on an overwater bungalow when you look outside from your room! The view from inside makes you feel as if the whole villa is floating on water, the beach is hidden from that view.

it is quite well designed, with all the power plugs, windows, and blinds etc where it is supposed to be: extremely functional. The side frosty windows in the bathroom are so well designed: it allow some lights from outside to come in during the night, but you do not see any lights in the bedroom!

value : good considering prices elsewhere (hawaii beach front hotel room only, not a villa, is min $500, maldives $1000, fiji $500 etc.. none as close to the beach as this one), especially considering the view, and the mountain in the back of the villas, very luxurious yet isolated and remote.

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food here is fluctuating, not good, not bad

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however, the massages here are surprisingly Excellent. not cheap like bangkok big city of course, but still very good.

verdict: we really like the staff (even if they mistakenly added someone’s else bills from the shop on our account), the design of the room, the location. This hotel is featured as the main hotel of the american express FHR website (fine resorts and hotels) pacific. Try to book the pool villa (we were not able to book the pool villa, as we booked too late: we were waiting for the typhoon to clear, and the pope to finish his tour), the price difference is minimal, but you get a much better view and bigger villa

Remember to never visit the philippine when the pope plan a visit. They shut down the whole manila international airport for …5 days, before and after for security precautions. You will be stuck if you did not plan well.

Also, the flight to palawan is always late or cancelled. You need to plan to have at least one day buffer before and after in manila hotel. If not you risk the risk of not being able to connect. We have been to a lot of remote destinations, but palawan is REALLY not reliable regarding the flights schedule.


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