FLights ITI airline, MNL to ENI (el nido palawan)

flight is on private charter ITI, cost $500 pp round trip, one class, economy for 75-100 passengers. luggage allowance is only 10kgs. any excess luggage is at 100 php per kilo.  You can leave any luggage not needed at the ITI private terminal in manila.

The terminal is not close to the international terminal. Even if on the map it looks close, with the traffic and custom, you need minimum 3-4 hours between your arrival international flight and departure time of ITI flight. We did not know that, we had 2 hour of singapore arrival, as there were no mention on their website,  and even with the emails, they did not let us know. So we ended up staying one night in makati manila at the raffles hotel at our own expenses.

In retrospect, since we were the first one to get off the plane (first class SQ singapore), we had ample of time to get to the ITI terminal on time…

The flight is only one hour long, with no drinks served so remember to buy and bring some bottle water as it gets really hot.

the wood boarding pass:



ITI private terminal (NOT domestic NOT international terminal):



ITI lounge:

20150122_073039 20150122_073205


palawan ENI landing:



once you get off the private airstrip of ENI airport, they will jeep you

to their boat harbour:



then to another speed boat to pangulasian resort:




20150126_083901 20150126_083910


El nido town harbour:

20150126_085516 20150126_085508


EL nido ITI private airport and “lounge”

20150126_092645 20150126_092650 20150126_092810 20150126_092659


SO only when we were at the ITI lounge that they advertise a NEW service : bus transfer at arrival in manila to the international terminal!

we DID NOT know that ! their websites did not display it, their travel agent did not tell us. And because we read online that previous customers had nightmares transfer at manila because everybody was calling and competing for taxi at arrival, we wer scared (tight 3 hour window) and pre-arranged our own private transfer with raffles hotel (4500 php !!) witht he bmw 7. (could have save 20$ usd for just a van, but for jsut $20 for the bmv 7? why not we thought).

when we saw that sign advertising the bus transfer services for much less, we thought “doh” !!

BUT once we arrive in manila after the delayed flight (ITI is very well known to delay and even cancelled the previous scheduled flight), we had only less than 1 hour before our international flight depart… one hour to get to the international terminal, check in, clear security, customs.. etc..

the drive from the ITI terminal to the international terminal took 25 minutes! even if it is only 2-3 kms away. GOOD thing we had our own private expensive transfer, as with the bus, we would never get there on time, as they stop at domestic terminal, then international terminal….

In retrospect, we should have booked another day in makati manila after arrival from palawan, as we learned at ITI is always late or usually cancel flights. Luckily, for us, we made it to the international flight on time.



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