Airplane etiquettes

You would normally think that problems with airplane “etiquette” occur mostly in the cramped secrion of economy… Wrong. It happens everywhere.

Sometimes, business class are the worst offender: they either get too stressed out from work, too drunk, to dykwim too important… They think that because they have more space, paid more, they deserve more attention and better treatment from eveybody, including fellow passengers.

There are many differents ways to view etiquettes on a small space like inside an airplane: like not to kick the seat, share the arm rests for the middle seats, put up the seat at meal services, no perfumes, share space on overhead bins etc…

Simplest way is just ask yourself if the same irritating situation happens to you, would you like it? In a small space, Even normally considerate persons can forget the simplest etiquette: think about other people’s feelings first.

Seat kickers: we have seen lots of parents that do not care if their kids kick other people seats. But one time, a mom simply ask his son if they kick his seat, would he like it? He replied No. Then they ask him why he do it to others?

Seat recliners: even in biz class, non lie flat, please do not recline at meals times, and recline very slowly and even ask if it is ok if you see the other passenger have their laptop out. When getting up, do not lean or touch on their chair.

Overhead bins: if the flight attendant announce the plane is full and ask for consideration, some people still stuff their winter jackets in the bins, instead of putting them on the seats or on top of the luggage.

Even in international business class lie flats, Some people still think that the overhead bins right above them is theirs, and no one else can leave anything in that space! If they want private bins, then Fly private then! Even in first class, on some planes, you still need to share bins!

Be considerate, put your carry on in a way that take the least space as possible. It is not because you are in biz class that you can spread your whole wardrobe and belongings in the bins, taking all the space.

I have seen some great flight attendants going around telling people how to put the luggage to make space for everybody else. If they know how to stack it, then suddenly there is a lot more space for eveybody.

Even in international first class, in suites class, there are passengers that treat the common bathroom as if they are at home, even worse: they leave toothbrush, towels etc on the counter, instead of simply putting them in the garbage. if you want FA staff to clean after you after each passenger, then fly first class asiana ana then (no matter how busy they are, asiana first FAs always clean the toilet after each passenger).

What’s up with walking around the plane barefoot? I have seen first class passengers, well dressed businessman walking around barefoot, no socks, even in the toilets. They must be very immune to germs, and immune to other’s people glances.

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