Singapore airline arrival from bangkok, airport worker abuse

As part of our trip, we flew sq from bangkok.

The flight was uneventful. Business Seat non lie flat, recliners.

At arrival in singapore, the local authority imposed an arrival security screening for all passengers, screening and xray their carry on as if you are departing on another flight. Except that it is just simply arrival screening.

There were only one way out of the plane. It is to follow the pathway.

So there was a gentleman from our flight, in business class seating. He requested a wheelchair at arrival. He can obviously walk, but maybe have problems with long distances.

The young airport worker lady was helping him, and was pushing him through the only pathway.

He then repeatedly YELL at her to slow down, as he was not sure if his other relative from economy class can see him. He said they may take the automatic walkway and may not see him.

He did not realized that it is impossible to take the automatic walkway, as it was blocked by security. Everybody have to walk, everybody have to take the same path.

Abuse situation?

Does he have the legal or moral rights to yell at an unrelated airport worker, just because he was in business class seat?

Is it justifiable for him to yell at the worker, based on a wrong assumption about the automatic walkway?

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