Get another $15 off when spend min $60 at participating merchants = almost free groceries for us! Or 25% off gas stations

Amex just send a mass marketing email to us :

Enroll at

Get $15 off when spending $60 at some gas stations, some restaurants, and … Safeway! (Limit of max $45 rebate per card enrolled)

Combined with the 200 airmiles ( that my local safeway give for spending $100, it is just like early xmas, almost free groceries!

Only the first 20000 people registering for the promo can enter. So enroll asap! You do not lose anything.

Btw, one card : one enrollment. So if you have 3 amex, you can enroll 3 times and get more than $45!

3x $45 !

For just buying things that you normally would buy anyway, gas, groceries, food.

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