Why i love the prepaid visa cards, despite their high fees

i really like the prepaid visa cards that you can buy at your local groceries store. It is pre loaded, and the spending limit is fixed.

they have a LOT of hidden fees, and for most of the time, it is not worth it to buy it.

BUT, if used properly, it can create values:

for example, i just bought some scuba gadgets at scuba.com : the foldable snorkel, diving socks. ( the foldable snorkel from aqualung looks great : it can be rolled into a small round tube container, and you can carry it in your BCB pocket and take it out when needed. They said snorkel saves lives! but who really want to carry it on their face while diving? that’s why the foldable snorkel is great)

at check out, after paying, they have a promo if you fill their survey, you get $100 worth of magazines!

of course there is a “catch”, you have to enter your visa so then to pay $2 for shipping per year, and after the initial free period over, then they will automatically charge the visa for full price. (and who really have the time and energy to remember to cancel before next year?

enter the prepaid visa card, with a limit of… $10 (or what ever the rest of my previous limit on prepaid visa, as long as it is under $10)!!! how can they charge the visa next year if there is no more funds??

free magazines to send to families in USA, then all i need is the shipping label to be able to view the magazines online on my ipad as well. Everybody in the family wins.

Worst case scenario: we only receive a few issues intead if the whole year : we can still access the issues online with the shipping label codes.

You can also use the prepaid visa in case of foreign weird sites, or site where they may automatically have a recurrent charge that you do not want.

in the past, in USA, for some promo from some airlines, people have also been buying prepaid visa or debit cards strategically, as they earn so many extra bonus points, worth a lot more than the value of the points even when buying straight from the airlines ! They essentially get free money to spend, while buying the points for business or first class travel, traveling in style while costing less than paying cash for economy tickets…

There is even one person that buy $5000 worth of pudding to get 1 million points. (1 million air points = normally 4-5 first class tickets), while donating the pudding away.

(i did buy $300 worth of pudding for “charity” before :-) )

usually those promos are not well advertised or promoted in the blogs, even by the bloggers. Too many people, and the promo may not be honored, or pulled out too soon.

That is why it pays to READ.




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