How to get maximum value from one credit card, american express platinum card

How to maximize amex platinum card value with the calendar year hack

The amex platinum card cost $700 per year, but it is especially worth it when amex give huge bonus points for applying:

50000 Amex points when spend min $1000 in first 3 months

Or get a referral by another amex platinum member and get 60000 points instead of 50000.

What can you do with 50k points? When transfered to aeroplan, you can book return tickets anywhere in NA for 2 in economy : worth value min $1000. Or one return biz class in na : value $2000. So the points are worth min $1000 alone!

Or keep it until you reach 100k for return europe biz class. As usual, the points are always worth more if redeemed in biz or first class international long haul.

How to get referral for more bonus points? 60 k instead? You can send me your email address and i can refer you. All i need is your email address.

What else you get with amex platinum?

  • Priority access, lounge access to canada lounges, to amex centurion lounges, and plaza premium lounges. Plaza premium lounges access are also for family members! Plus unlimited free access to almost most of lounges internationally with free priority pass membership (free access for one person only).
  • Priority pass unlimited lounge card alone are worth $400 annually
  • Usual insurances, car rental, travel delay cancelation insurances.
  • Get spg gold membership for free. Spg gold : rooms upgrages, more spg points, late check out.

Before, last year, you also have free gold cathay one world card: normally reserved when you actually fly 50k mikes with cathay or one world airlines : priority access, lounges, luggages allowances etc.. Not this year.

The best part is the fast track to fairmont platinum status: stay 5 nights, get fpc platinum.

How to maximize fpc platinum?

Apply for amex plat before calendar year end, like now in october. Stay 5 nights at cheaper fpc properties (cities) for around $130 per night with special rates (caa ama, great rates great dates etc..). You have to stay before year end, or asap… Why? Keep reading.

Total spent in fpc hotel after 5 nights : 5 x 130 = $680

But as soon as you stay 5 nights, you get platinum fpc status right away (normally reserved if you stay 10 stays or 30 room nights, in a calendar year), which you can and should use before calendar year end :

  • get a free nights : worth $500 if redeemed in maui, new york, london (harder to redeem) or other expensive properties
  • Get $200 in either dining or spa in fairmont properties.
  • Get 2 free suites upgrades, which you can confirm for suites upgrades for 5 nights each certificate. For example, you can redeem fpc suite for banff, lake louise, or hawaii for 10 nights! Worth : min $500 to $3000 for price difference between normal room and suites. Fairmont suites are really nice, especially overseas (hawaii, china, egypt, singapre etc)

Total value for fairmont fpc platinum status : $ 1500

So if you stay and attain fpc platinum status now, before year end, you have min $1500 in fpc platinum value alone. AND the best part is that you also get automatic fpc platinum status for next year, starting in march! No need for another 5 nights stay. Another $1500 value for next year! Fpc platinum status are valid until feb 2016 if you become fpc platinum before december 2014.

Also, now amex is promoting fairmont hotel by giving you another $100 statement credit when you spend min $500 before december 2014!! You have to register for this promo at their website

BUT amex plat also give you each CALENDAR year $200 off any travel booked though their platinum site. So you can book a hotel or flight worth $200 before december 31, and get $200 statement credit. AND Starting in january, you get another $200 credit !!

So if you apply amex plat before calendar year end, and keep the amex plat card for one year or less, (before next october), and IF you decide to cancel before they charged you another $700 annual dues, here is what you get:

So you have Spent $700 for amex platinum + $680 (5 nights hotel fairmont) = $1380 (Invest IN)

You Get back: value out :

  • 2 x $200 amex travel credit
  • 2 year worth of fairmont platinum status : 2 free rooms, 4 suites upgrades, $400 dining spa credit : value min $3000
  • Priority pass membership for this year and next : $400 x2 :$800
  • 60000 amex points ( if referred) worth min $1200
  • Plus other benefits, (spg gold, lounges access, priority access, insurances).
  • $100 statement credit for staying at fairmont hotel (and for spending $500)

Total value back : $400 + $3000 + $800 + $1200 +$100 = $5500 MINIMUM value back.

Is it worth it for $700? You get to experience up to 20 nights at suites at fairmont hotels, free dining or massages, bypass wait lines at airport, wait comfortably in lounges all over the world, points for flying biz class later… Etc etc…

This value proposition is ONLY worth it if you get min 50000 amex points, and if you apply and get fpc platinum before CALENDAR year end.

Enjoy the benefits with the CALENDAR travel hack.

P.s as soon as you receive your amex platinum, call fairmont and said you want to fast track to platinum with the special code that amex plat will send you. THEN book the cheapest 5 night “escapade” at fairmont hotels before calendar year end.

How to get cheap fairmont rates? Search with ama, corporate, caa, or great rates great dates… (

In our family, we get lifetime fpc platinum status already for one (through the bank) so we just apply and keep only one amex platinum card.

And of course, you need to pay the credit card balance in full, avoiding any bank fees, otherwise you will just “buy” points in a extremely expensive way.

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