Sample video of montreal, viewed from dji phantom vision 2 plus quadropter

I love the dji phantom quadropter. Flying it is super addictive, super stable, it is like a tripod in the sky. If photography is viewing from different angles and perpectives, then this drone aerial photography is fun.

images and pictures taken with the dji stock camera produce pretty good pictures and video. I will upload some pictures and video later.

in the mean time, enjoy Some sample video found the web (not done by me)


Sample dji video showcase of different video aerial across the world:



  • Always start the drone with the proper sequence, to make sure the gps lock is at least 8 or more gps.
  • the more gps lock sat the better, the stable the drone is.
  • do not fly over 400 feet, as per regulations.
  • always keep in line of sight, as per regulations in NA.
  • Install mod a gps shield, with simple aluminium paper to minimize interference from wifi and go pro
  • take precautions and care with the gimbal and the stock camera. They are the most likely to fail in a crash, and the most expensive and annoying repair.
  • make sure the compass and home point is set and properly calibrated. If not the drone will fly away!
  • do not fly over people’s yard, invading their aerial space. If you use it to invade people privacy, it can be used in police prosecutions. If you do, you just contribute to the misconceptions below:

misconceptions about drone camera:

1. The drone camera cannot see inside windows, due to reflections during the day. Even you cannot see inside your window properly during the day, unless you stand 1-3 feet away.

2. The drone camera is wide angle, with limited resolution. So they cannot zoom in or make anything clearer inside other people’s home

3. It is hobby grade drone and camera, not military.  Fear of spying are overblown.

4. Night time spying: not possible with the stock camera. It vibrates too much, and the iso and stock lense is not as good as an dslr. It is not infrared night time camera. If you choose to leave your blinds open at night, with lights on, other people can spy more easily on you with a proper camera or a binocular. It is not possible to spy with a drone stock camera at night, even flying only at a few meters away.


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