MONTREAL quebec restaurant list review

Montreal has always been one of my favorite city for food, culture, and atmosphere.

Restaurants here are excellent value for the money, good food, good prices.

Our top montreal restaurant list,  by category: (other restaurants may be good, and we have tried them, but does not make the list that i would recommend to a friend looking for authentic MTL experience at excellent prices)


  • SEL GRAS :  5245 st laurent, 514-564-1090. new french restaurant, open only 6 month ago, but already one of my top favorites. The Tuna appetizer ($16) and the Venison is soo good, excellent and fresh. Venison for $38 Cad in mtl? wow. Usually, we had to go to quebec city at fairmont chateau frontenac to get good venison, but now, this one is even better and cheaper.




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  • LE  MEAC: 3 course dinner for $22 cad after 10pm each night ! where else can you eat like a king late at night until 2-3 am ? Our top restaurant for late night dinner.
  • L’express : french bistro style, good for lunch time
  • Chez L’eveque: decent prices, good food
  • L’academie ( st denis st) : food and prices here used to be good at this original location. But since they opened so many restaurants, the quality of food have gone down. We like this location for the street ambiance, and relatively easy to book for big group.
  • XO: with a recent change of chef, this restaurant is getting popular. Their degustation menu is excellent. (prices are a little more expensive than others on this list)
  • EUROPEA: easily the best molecular french restaurant in town. voted top 10 best restaurant in the world by tripadvisor. Degustation menu is the most expensive of this list (> 120 cad pp), food, presentation, and originality rival top USA restaurants (alinea, alan wong etc)
  • BONAPARTE : (old montreal) best value, best food in town for top excellent french restaurant : $68 cad get you 7 course dinner degustation ! The top french restaurant in town in our opinion (value and food).  Service here is excellent, very accommodating. Some pictures below (too busy eating, did not take pictures)







for Québec cuisine, you have to eat at pied de cochon, big generous portion, lots of calories! Lots of fat. You eat like a cochon. Must order the foie gras poutine.

If you are in old montreal already and want to eat there, there a few restaurants worth mentioning, (not our top choice for food, but for atmosphere and decent food) :

  • Jardins NELSON : excellent terrace with live music, and right at place jacques cartier
  • queue de castor:  the famous “queue de castor” bakery.
  • Club chasse peche : have top reviews
  • Chez L’epicier: famous with chefs

BAKERIES: in montreal, you HAVE to eat at its bakeries

MONTREAL is very well known for its famous bakeries: we always buy lots of cake, croissants and “patisseries”:

  • DE GASCOGNE : (laurier st): cakes here are the best in town. especially the frozen cakes. top choice for cakes
  • PREMIERE MOISSON : (bernard st) good for lunch, buy some french sandwich, heat it up and eat there. Bread here is excellent. remember to buy the frozen croissants and bakeries that you can cook later at home
  • DUC de LORRAINE: cote des neige st. excellent bakeries with its cafe. second choice for cakes
  • St viateur BAGEL:  famous, open 24 hour, you have to eat it fresh and hot right from the store
  • Fairmount BAGEL: equally famous, not open 24 hour

 ICE CREAM : BILBOQUET at bernard st: open late at night in summer

GREEK : MILOS : excellent and famous restaurant. Go there after 10 pm from thursdays to sunday ( similar late night special, 3 course dinner for $22 cad, otherwise this place is expensive during normal hours) companies that want to impress bring their clients here.

SUSHI : in montreal, you also HAVE to eat its fusion Suhi: (all owned by vietnamese or chinese)

  • MIYAKO : amshert st in the village: must try ” miss saigon”, sushi roll wrapped in rice paper. Also must order the sushi pizza: the best in the world in my opinion ( even compared to tokyo). The pizza is nicely balanced, with taste melting in your mouth. very good prices ( the best value in this list)
  •  MAIKO : popular. order specials du chef
  • JUNI: highly ranked, expensive

VIETNAMESE: montreal have one of the best vietnamese food in canada.

  • PHO LIEN : order pho, and must order the 3 color” che” dessert. one of the top pho in town. (pho dau bo in calgary is still better). A little bit too much msg taste.
  • Harmonie d’asie : small resto, open only after 5pm. must order the duck, fried fish, “canh chua” sour soup. Quality here can be variable, but when it is good, it is finger licking good.! Manned by small wife and husband (he is the only cook, so it can be slow). Top viet restaurant when it is good.
  • HOAI HUONG: order any dish from the “special” section, you will not regret it.
  • Charme cochicine: similar to hoai huong, but, but cleaner and more parking space in LAVAL, our choice for special dishes.
  • BANH XEO MINH: (belanger st) must order the crispy vietnamese ” banh xeo”, and ” banh cuon”. the best in north america (even better than little saigon in la)!  open almost 365 days a year, so our favorite in late afternoon or holidays as it is the only rare ones that are still open. MUST try. Very good prices
  • PHO tay HO : ( st denis st). Good restaurant as well.  Very busy.

CHINESE: do not eat chinese in montreal unless you need a table for 10 or more, or at last minute, or want to eat dim sum. Chinese food in vancouver or calgary is a lot better


european gourmet grocery store: gourmet laurier, on laurier st : since i found this place, i almost stop buying cookies and candies from europe. You can find good european food here, from famous french butter, to cookies, to mints, candies, etc. MUST go and buy.

For meat and cheese, go to marche atwater, outdoor market.

for fruits, go to marche jean talon.



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