GUY SAVOY paris 3 star michelin restaurant review in 3D

We booked guy savoy 1 month ago.


we showed up 10 minutes early, and was told by the lady to go for a hike in the rain as our table was not ready yet…!

(oh no, not another ledbury london resto episode again!) we were almost going to leave and cancel the whole reservation ( in paris there are so many good decent restaurant for a good price, there is no need to get bad service and attitude in an expensive restaurant)

luckily, another staff member overheard her and right away  offered to sit us in the private room across the restaurant while we wait.

Then they bring water, bread, and even the chef guy savoy show up in the private room to greet us personally! we took many pictures with the chef

after few minutes, we were asked to go back to the main dining room.

The same lady again insist that we checked in our coats and camera bags. Then another staff override her requests and said it was fine…


the kobe beef was very good, (however not as good as kanda tokyo)

their bread was supposedly famous, we found it to be average.

the taste of the food was good, but not excellent 3 star good as expected.

dessert was really nothing to remember about.

SERVICE: waiters were friendly, casual. (good, except for the host lady)

DECOR: as expected from other reviews, nothing special. The decor is not like Le Meurice or  Le Doyen

the consensus (omg!) was that even PUR (park hyatt paris, 1 star michelin as of 2014) was better, better service, better taste, more inventive, and cheaper.



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