diving maldives: super macro underwater pictures

more adventures with my new nauticam super macro: maldives diving, nikon j3, nauticam super macro

the nauticam super macro is quite easy to work with.

The advantage of the small nikon housing is that, because it is small, versatile: i can carry it as my second dive camera during the dive, using my 3d camera as primary (with the go pro 4k attached on top of the 3d housing) , switching to the nikon j3 for super macro and panoramic, all during the same dive, without any extra help.

The ability to use 3 cameras in the same dive, with different functions is very helpful as like most divers,  we did not have a private guide, and unlike professional divemaster / same time pro photographer, we do not have the luxury of time underwater

click on the picture to see full resolution,

corals, lion fish, eel, xmas tree worms, etc


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