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SAKE sydney sushi restaurant review 2015

we came back again for sake restaurant this year. We usually come back here for their fusion sushi cuisine.

sushi tacos: still very good. good texture difference between the raw tuna and the tacos, with a lime sauce






my favorite dish: so much texture and flavors:





their lamb was very popular, we wanted to try it. It is one of the best lamb i ever tasted, perfectly grilled with an asian sauce taste








Ironically their sushi rolls were..  BAD. really really bad. It tasted like food court sushi! Last year they were very good. This year, simply bad.


Tetsuyas restaurant Sydney, 2015

After many disappointing  and expensive experiences at supposedly top rated restaurants in Sydney before (especially quay’s) we were reluctant to book tetsuyas, especially since it is the same owner as waku ghin in Singapore.

however, the price is much cheaper than Singapore, with much better food. It was ranked as high as # 9 in the world restaurants.

décor: informal relaxing atmosphere (not snobbish), view of a Japanese garden

20150203_185610 20150203_210507

the restaurant is located in a private mansion right in the heart of Sydney CBD.

You have to book with a credit card guarantee long before. Dinner is a set menu at $220 pp.

The waiter give you options regarding water : still, sparkling, bottle, or tap water… I love the option of free tap water ! expensive bottle water does not mean better taste or better quality control. There are actually a lot of people ordering simple tap water.. which surprised us.

The bread is actually excellent, warm, crunchy when it should be. soft where it is supposed to be. The taste of the bread here is even better than 3 star Michelin in paris (!), according to the unanimous consensus of luxemiles group.


Food: 9/10. very good. Raw ingredients and dishes are nicely prepared: you do not taste or smell any “fishiness”.  The main signature dish is very good:



other dishes:

20150203_194112 20150203_184321 20150203_185949 20150203_190821 20150203_194108 20150203_195221

dessert are nothing special. this is one area where it could be exceptional instead of just  average



conclusion: is it worth the recommendation and price? YES, unanimous vote from luxemiles eaters






Melbourne Australia dessert and restaurants 2015

melbourne Asian dessert : we usually order this mango bubble tea to bring it into the Australian open: (same restaurants as last year)

20150129_180249 20150129_175410 20150129_175405 20150201_180626 20150201_180622 20150131_182325


Melbourbe pho: Melbourne have good pho restaurants, they are everywhere.  Pho nam: This one is located centrally in the basement of the shopping centre (emporium melbourne, same building as uniqlo store)

Have your tried WAGYU pho?? !! they sell it there. we had to try the wagyu beef pho.. for $15 !!

wagyu pho:

20150201_173127 20150131_180107


Malaysian: cheap good fast. they even have Singapore chili crabs !






NARA thai, bangkok restaurant

we always eat a lot of times at nara whenever we are in BKK.

located in basement of erawan shopping, under grand hyatt erawan hotel. you are in bkk? you HAVE to eat at nara, simple as that.

do not go to tourist recommended restaurants by hotels.

even our first class FA TG thai was surprised to have heard and tried nara this month. Thai people do not normally spend a LOT of money (relatively to their currency and income) at a thai restaurant. But this restaurant is the exception: there is always lots of thai people at lunch.

For us, nara is always consistent, good food, good prices compared to NA standards

they used to have only once small location years ago, but now they expanded and it si much bigger, and they have 2 more location in BKK. They opened a franchise in singapore this year 2014 (not as good as bkk)

what to order:

must: tom yum soup


soft shell crabs:

20141205_153650 20141123_144612


lemongrass seabass: eating this dish will awaken all your senses. It will make you feel alive for a reason. All the spices, all the flavors exploding in your mouth:

20141123_144509 20141123_144609


Grouper  or seabass with their famous green lime herb fish sauce: (we even bought this sauce to go)

20141122_164843 20141124_182023 20150126_193426

20150126_193650 20150204_175631 20150204_175620 20150204_175601 20150204_181014 20150204_180621 20150204_180616 20150204_175637



optional but still very good: (if you still have space in your tummy)

20141123_145638 20141123_145635 20141123_144713




waku ghin restaurant review, singapore marina bay sands

we booked waku ghin as a treat, as our hotel room was paid for by annual fairmont platinum free night for fairmont platinum members.

It is a huge space, but the owner insist on only taking 40-50 person max per night. It is VERY expensive. Based on model where you get a private chef cooking in front of you, and explaining things for you on the small bar counter. The counter sit 6 person max.

DECOR: 4/5 similar to japan style bar

FOOD: 4/5 while good, the only memorable dish was the signature dish urchin. The original tetsuya at sydney is better taste, better food, better price.

Price value : low. while the experience of a private chef cooking for the 6 persons may be unique in SE asia, in japan it is common. The canadian lobster was well cooked and well prepared, but since we are from canada, we can have better lobsters for a lot cheaper (for example, we cook the lobster in the famous singapore chili crab… it is much better than the crab..!)

is it worth it? for the food: yes. BUT I guess they put the restaurant inside a casino for a reason: the price point seems to be reserved for lucky whales gamblers. For us and normal folks: not really worth it because of the extremely high price compared to the food experience.

waku ghin (singapore), nahm (bangkok), ledbury (london), le meurice (paris), quay (australia), are now all are part of our official list of “over rated” restaurants, and are not recommended by luxemiles.

20141206_195430 20141206_200141 20141206_200147 20141206_200226 20141206_225607 20141206_22463320141206_200429 20141206_200831 20141206_202217 20141206_202220 20141206_203517 20141206_204420 20141206_205753 20141206_211016 20141206_212752 20141206_213652 20141206_214548 20141206_215743 20141206_221246 20141206_221807 20141206_222508




















singapore food !!

Singapore is my favorite place to eat, simple and delicious food from across the world, located in shopping centre or hawker centre. Prices are decent, food are clean (used to be cheap 7-10 years ago)

when you are in singapore,  you HAVE to eat the singapore chili crab. There are many restaurants that cook it, different styles and tastes, but we still prefer JUMBO:

singapore chili crab:


seafood noodles:


hong yuen  :THE BEST ice desert in the world: they make it soo soft and tasty: locate din basement of orchard shopping centre

20150120_183800 20150120_183803 20150120_183514


best soy  drinks and desert:



sushi: very busy all the time, we have to try this next time:



20141206_160314 20141206_155454 20141206_155457 20141206_154633 20141206_154627



MONTREAL quebec restaurant list review

Montreal has always been one of my favorite city for food, culture, and atmosphere.

Restaurants here are excellent value for the money, good food, good prices.

Our top montreal restaurant list,  by category: (other restaurants may be good, and we have tried them, but does not make the list that i would recommend to a friend looking for authentic MTL experience at excellent prices)


  • SEL GRAS :  5245 st laurent, 514-564-1090. new french restaurant, open only 6 month ago, but already one of my top favorites. The Tuna appetizer ($16) and the Venison is soo good, excellent and fresh. Venison for $38 Cad in mtl? wow. Usually, we had to go to quebec city at fairmont chateau frontenac to get good venison, but now, this one is even better and cheaper.




20140707_212646  20140707_215423





  • LE  MEAC: 3 course dinner for $22 cad after 10pm each night ! where else can you eat like a king late at night until 2-3 am ? Our top restaurant for late night dinner.
  • L’express : french bistro style, good for lunch time
  • Chez L’eveque: decent prices, good food
  • L’academie ( st denis st) : food and prices here used to be good at this original location. But since they opened so many restaurants, the quality of food have gone down. We like this location for the street ambiance, and relatively easy to book for big group.
  • XO: with a recent change of chef, this restaurant is getting popular. Their degustation menu is excellent. (prices are a little more expensive than others on this list)
  • EUROPEA: easily the best molecular french restaurant in town. voted top 10 best restaurant in the world by tripadvisor. Degustation menu is the most expensive of this list (> 120 cad pp), food, presentation, and originality rival top USA restaurants (alinea, alan wong etc)
  • BONAPARTE : (old montreal) best value, best food in town for top excellent french restaurant : $68 cad get you 7 course dinner degustation ! The top french restaurant in town in our opinion (value and food).  Service here is excellent, very accommodating. Some pictures below (too busy eating, did not take pictures)







for Québec cuisine, you have to eat at pied de cochon, big generous portion, lots of calories! Lots of fat. You eat like a cochon. Must order the foie gras poutine.

If you are in old montreal already and want to eat there, there a few restaurants worth mentioning, (not our top choice for food, but for atmosphere and decent food) :

  • Jardins NELSON : excellent terrace with live music, and right at place jacques cartier
  • queue de castor:  the famous “queue de castor” bakery.
  • Club chasse peche : have top reviews
  • Chez L’epicier: famous with chefs

BAKERIES: in montreal, you HAVE to eat at its bakeries

MONTREAL is very well known for its famous bakeries: we always buy lots of cake, croissants and “patisseries”:

  • DE GASCOGNE : (laurier st): cakes here are the best in town. especially the frozen cakes. top choice for cakes
  • PREMIERE MOISSON : (bernard st) good for lunch, buy some french sandwich, heat it up and eat there. Bread here is excellent. remember to buy the frozen croissants and bakeries that you can cook later at home
  • DUC de LORRAINE: cote des neige st. excellent bakeries with its cafe. second choice for cakes
  • St viateur BAGEL:  famous, open 24 hour, you have to eat it fresh and hot right from the store
  • Fairmount BAGEL: equally famous, not open 24 hour

 ICE CREAM : BILBOQUET at bernard st: open late at night in summer

GREEK : MILOS : excellent and famous restaurant. Go there after 10 pm from thursdays to sunday ( similar late night special, 3 course dinner for $22 cad, otherwise this place is expensive during normal hours) companies that want to impress bring their clients here.

SUSHI : in montreal, you also HAVE to eat its fusion Suhi: (all owned by vietnamese or chinese)

  • MIYAKO : amshert st in the village: must try ” miss saigon”, sushi roll wrapped in rice paper. Also must order the sushi pizza: the best in the world in my opinion ( even compared to tokyo). The pizza is nicely balanced, with taste melting in your mouth. very good prices ( the best value in this list)
  •  MAIKO : popular. order specials du chef
  • JUNI: highly ranked, expensive

VIETNAMESE: montreal have one of the best vietnamese food in canada.

  • PHO LIEN : order pho, and must order the 3 color” che” dessert. one of the top pho in town. (pho dau bo in calgary is still better). A little bit too much msg taste.
  • Harmonie d’asie : small resto, open only after 5pm. must order the duck, fried fish, “canh chua” sour soup. Quality here can be variable, but when it is good, it is finger licking good.! Manned by small wife and husband (he is the only cook, so it can be slow). Top viet restaurant when it is good.
  • HOAI HUONG: order any dish from the “special” section, you will not regret it.
  • Charme cochicine: similar to hoai huong, but, but cleaner and more parking space in LAVAL, our choice for special dishes.
  • BANH XEO MINH: (belanger st) must order the crispy vietnamese ” banh xeo”, and ” banh cuon”. the best in north america (even better than little saigon in la)!  open almost 365 days a year, so our favorite in late afternoon or holidays as it is the only rare ones that are still open. MUST try. Very good prices
  • PHO tay HO : ( st denis st). Good restaurant as well.  Very busy.

CHINESE: do not eat chinese in montreal unless you need a table for 10 or more, or at last minute, or want to eat dim sum. Chinese food in vancouver or calgary is a lot better


european gourmet grocery store: gourmet laurier, on laurier st : since i found this place, i almost stop buying cookies and candies from europe. You can find good european food here, from famous french butter, to cookies, to mints, candies, etc. MUST go and buy.

For meat and cheese, go to marche atwater, outdoor market.

for fruits, go to marche jean talon.



GUY SAVOY paris 3 star michelin restaurant review in 3D

We booked guy savoy 1 month ago.


we showed up 10 minutes early, and was told by the lady to go for a hike in the rain as our table was not ready yet…!

(oh no, not another ledbury london resto episode again!) we were almost going to leave and cancel the whole reservation ( in paris there are so many good decent restaurant for a good price, there is no need to get bad service and attitude in an expensive restaurant)

luckily, another staff member overheard her and right away  offered to sit us in the private room across the restaurant while we wait.

Then they bring water, bread, and even the chef guy savoy show up in the private room to greet us personally! we took many pictures with the chef

after few minutes, we were asked to go back to the main dining room.

The same lady again insist that we checked in our coats and camera bags. Then another staff override her requests and said it was fine…


the kobe beef was very good, (however not as good as kanda tokyo)

their bread was supposedly famous, we found it to be average.

the taste of the food was good, but not excellent 3 star good as expected.

dessert was really nothing to remember about.

SERVICE: waiters were friendly, casual. (good, except for the host lady)

DECOR: as expected from other reviews, nothing special. The decor is not like Le Meurice or  Le Doyen

the consensus (omg!) was that even PUR (park hyatt paris, 1 star michelin as of 2014) was better, better service, better taste, more inventive, and cheaper.



hotel & restaurant meridien noumea, new caledonia

the hotel meridien noumea is the only 5 star hotel right on the beach in noumea. There is a big hilton 3-5 blocks away, but it is not on the beach.

meridien noumea hotel:

  • the hotel staff was friendly, efficient. they are not on island time like bora bora meridien
  • rooms are outdated, still comfy and very good prices for ocean front
  • hotel is going under renovation on the whole left wing. we stayed on the right wing so there were no noises
  • right on the beach
  • internet wifi worked well
  • food of the hotel restaurant and breakfast was very good! we mostly exclusively ate there. even the locals have special occasions celebrated there

NOU airport: picture taken with sony tx30






meridien noumea:




our junior upgraded suite (for free as we are spg platinum), once again, booked the cheapest rate, got the 2nd most expensive room at that property



our big suite terrace: and view ocean front:


the suite have 2 FULL washroom !! one on the living room and another one on the bedroom








one of the restaurant: beach front restaurant: serves very good tuna


meridien beach: very popular with locals and windsurfers:




  • serve very good food,
  • excellent service, especially for an island and compared to “french” standard in south pacific (bora bora)
  • good prices, we ate well for less than 40usd pp at a fancy french restaurant
  • locals come here to celebrate special occasions.











melbourne restaurants and dessert !!

in melbourne, since we are always at the tennis, with no time for a real fine dining, we always ate at our favorite spots: for 2013:

near the hotel:







and of course, in melbourne they have these amazing taiwan dessert: you have to try. It cools you down. costs around 5-8 dollars


mango with ice cream on top of ice



park hyatt melbourne from outside, front view





park hyatt lounge food and drinks:






another good dessert place:








next to the malaysian restaurant killiney:







oh yes, history and odds: