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Luxemiles.com is about tips, tricks, and reviews of exciting places, airplanes, restaurants, food, diving, and technology equipment. It is about the most efficient use of resources of time, money and health, to travel well, to travel the  luxemiles way.

We all have limited resources of: time, money, health.

To travel is actually very hard to achieve: in order to travel, especially travel well, we need to have all 3 resources in balance : We need to have some health to travel, need some money, and need some time off.  The exact balance and proportion of time, health, money varies depending on the person, and what he want to achieve.

Some will spend more time on traveling longer, taking longer routes, or flying economy to save some money. Some will spend more money to save time traveling: flying direct, in business or first class . Others will spend more energy (health), to save both time and money.

Like most workers, you may have some money, health but you may not have enough time! Or are you like most young people, you have health, time but not enough money? Or are you like most seniors, you have money, time, but likely not enough health to do what you desire ?

So if you want to travel, and have some time, some money, and some health, then do it when all the stars are aligned.

Every body have to spend resources, money, time, health energy. If you have to spend it anyway, then why not maximize it?

If you want the most efficient way for your 3 resources, then allow me to share the luxemiles way.




 Stop dreaming to be a rich and how to start traveling like you are wealthy

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